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Water Treatment Specialists In Northern Alabama

HC Blake can help improve the quality of your home’s water with a number of water softening, filtration and purification solutions.

Water Treatment

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium.

Water hardness is responsible for most scale formation in pipes and water heaters and forms insoluble build-up when it reacts to soap.


Is Chlorine in your Water Harmful?

Chlorine is added by your municipal plant to kill certain bacteria and other microbes in tap water.

Understanding Water Treatment Solutions

Water Softener: Softens water by removing calcium and magnesium in the water.

Activated Carbon Filter: Removes objectionable tastes and/or odors.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System: Removes sediment and foreign particles from the water.

UV Water Purification: Removes viruses, bacteria and organisms from the water.

Family Owned And Operated

HC Blake is still family owned and operated by descendants of the original founders, and is proud to offer the a level of friendly service appreciated by our customers through the generations. Call HC Blake today!

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Why Choose HC Blake

When it comes to the best in service, at HC Blake we have been delighting our customers for over 135 years, since 1884. Discover the HC Blake guarantee yourself today.


We recognise that plumbing, electrical and HVAC emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. That's why we're available whenever you need us.


At HC Blake, we're fully licensed and insured for all your residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing and electrical service needs.


HC Blake was first started in 1884 and has been a family owned and operated business ever since.


You choose the time and day that is most convenient for you, and you can depend on us to be with you at your appointed time.


We know the pride you take in your home, so you can depend on our team to limit any mess by using mats in all work areas and wearing covers on their shoes. We'll also take the time to clean up all our work areas before leaving, so your home will always be left as clean and tidy as when we arrived.


When HC Blake was founded way back in 1884 it was built on an ideal of outstanding customer service and great prices. Nothing has changed – we just have over 135 years more experience of delivering on these promises. That's why we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service!

HC Blake Is Hiring

HC Blake has serviced the Huntsville area for over 135 years. As part of our continued growth, we are looking for our next talented and highly motivated employees to join our Huntsville Team.

Hopefully that next person is You!