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Message to our Customers and Employees

We are in unprecedented times here in our great nation, state, and city. H.C. Blake Inc. has been serving our community for over 135 years and we are ready to serve the needs of our customers and team members while doing our best to protect the needs of the community at large. Safety is of the highest priority at H.C. Blake Inc. every day for our customers and employees.

Water Treatment Specialists In Northern Alabama

HC Blake can help improve the quality of your home’s water with a number of water softening, filtration and purification solutions.

Book A Crawlspace Evaluation For Your Northern Alabama Home

Do you have issues with moisture, mold, musty smells, or buckling floors in or around your crawlspace in your home. HC Blake can help with a complete evaluation, and offer remediation solutions based on 125 years of experience servicing Northern Alabama. Call HC Blake today

The Gas Line Specialists across northern Alabama

GasIf you're looking for help with the installation of gas lines and appliances in northern Alabama, as well as with the repair of existing lines, you'll appreciate the friendly, professional service and great value you receive from HC Blake. Read about your service level guarantee on this page here, and from our other happy customers on this page here.

With HC Blake you can be sure of great service, up-front pricing, and a great warranty for all your gas needs, including:

  • NEW GAS LINES: For furnaces, hot water, kitchens or outdoor areas.
  • GAS APPLIANCE HOOK-UPS: Including gas ranges and outdoor barbecue grills.
  • GAS LINE MAINTENANCE & CODE COMPLIANCE: Ensuring your existing installation is in working order.
  • GAS SAFETY: Helping keep your gas installations safe - HC Blake are gas safety experts.

As with all our services, when you choose HC Blake for your gas line needs, you can be sure of quality workmanship from experienced professionals with respect for your home and your time. So if you are thinking of installing a new gas line or appliance, or need help with the maintenance of an existing installation, call and speak with HC Blake today.


Huntsville's Water Conditioning Specialists


Save With Water Softening System

If you have hard water in your system, it might impact you in ways you are not yet aware. Hard water will damage your plumbing and increase maintenance of your hot water heaters, shortening their lifespan along the way.
By installing a water softening system on time, you will save on maintenance cost in the long run plus you will know that you have clean and tasty water.


Improve Your Health With a Water Conditioning System

Tap water is usually treated to a minimal safety level and it always includes desinficants like chlorine and impurities which ends up in pipes, such as rust, iron, total dissolved solids (TDS) and organics.
By using a water conditioning system, you will always enjoy the optimal water quality.

Improve Your Water Taste

If your water have an earthy taste, chlorine odor or if it smells on rotten eggs, call us at HC Blake and we will help you choose the best filtration unit for your home.

Check out some of more popular solutions for your home.


water conditioning
485 HE Softener

485 High Efficiency (HE) Softener

The most efficient water softener. The 485 combines reverse flow (upflow) regeneration with precision brining to offer you significant annual salt and water savings. This system is perfect for home and small business owners looking for a softener that's efficient, environmentally friendly and saves money every year.
Uses up to 75% less salt and 64% less water. Compared to conventional calendar clock models.

water conditioning
NovoClear 485 HTO

NovoClear 485 HTO Softener & Filter (Hardness, Taste & Odor Removal)

This one-of-a-kind combination system offers the same high-quality product water of having separate softener and filter units in a space saving, one-unit design. The 485HTO will remove hardness and bad taste and odor caused by chlorine, chloramines or organic matter.
Lower Upfront Costs. - Pay for one unit instead of two.
Lower Annual Costs. - Our reverse flow regeneration and precision brining uses less salt and water than traditional softeners and our two-tank system allows you to change the carbon and softener resin at different times, unlike mixed bed units.

water conditioning
EconoFlo Softener

EconoFlo Softener

A high quality, reliable softener with an affordable price tag. The EconoFlo offers simple electronics for the same price as mechanical metered units.
Uses up to 50% less salt and 28% less water. - Compared to conventional calendar clock models.

water conditioning


Designed for apartments, condos and smaller homes on municipally treated water. The EcoSmart fits in small spaces and offers homeowners annual salt and water savings over traditional softener units. Our larger EcoSmart models both soften water and filter out bad taste and odor caused by chlorine and organics.
Uses 50% less salt and 28% less water!* - Compared to conventional calendar clock models.

water conditioning
85TA (Twin Tank)

85TA (Twin Tank)

The best choice for large homes and businesses that need continuous, softened water. With the 85TA, your customers don't have to sacrifice efficiency for convenience. The reverse flow (upflow) regeneration offers your customers significant salt and water savings annually and ultra low hardness leakage while providing up to 16.6 gpm of continuous soft water 24 hours a day.

water conditioning
485 HEDP System
(High Efficiency Dual Pass)

485 HEDP System (High Efficiency Dual Pass)

Engineered for residential and light commercial applications, including boiler feed systems, that have high hardness water supplies (typically .75 gpg). The 485 HEDP offers consistent, softer water by using a two-tank system to prevent hardness leakage or `slippage`. The first tank acts as the workhorse by significantly reducing the water hardness. The second tank acts as a `polisher` and prevents slippage. The HEDP uses reverse flow regeneration and precision brining to reduce annual salt and water costs and is more cost effective than larger single tank systems.

water conditioning
Shower Softener

485 HEDP System (High Efficiency Dual Pass)

The perfect choice for three season cottage owners who want the luxury of soft water combined with low upfront and annual operating costs. Weighing just 20 lbs, our shower softener is easy to install and doesn`t require electricity.

Family Owned And Operated

HC Blake is still family owned and operated by descendants of the original founders, and is proud to offer the a level of friendly service appreciated by our customers through the generations. Call HC Blake today!

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Why Choose HC Blake

When it comes to the best in service, at HC Blake we have been delighting our customers for over 135 years, since 1884. Discover the HC Blake guarantee yourself today.


We recognise that plumbing, electrical and HVAC emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. That's why we're available whenever you need us.


At HC Blake, we're fully licensed and insured for all your residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing and electrical service needs.


HC Blake was first started in 1884 and has been a family owned and operated business ever since.


You choose the time and day that is most convenient for you, and you can depend on us to be with you at your appointed time.


We know the pride you take in your home, so you can depend on our team to limit any mess by using mats in all work areas and wearing covers on their shoes. We'll also take the time to clean up all our work areas before leaving, so your home will always be left as clean and tidy as when we arrived.


When HC Blake was founded way back in 1884 it was built on an ideal of outstanding customer service and great prices. Nothing has changed – we just have over 135 years more experience of delivering on these promises. That's why we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service!

HC Blake Is Hiring

HC Blake has serviced the Huntsville area for over 135 years. As part of our continued growth, we are looking for our next talented and highly motivated employees to join our Huntsville Team.

Hopefully that next person is You!